Pooch Pointers In-Home Dog Training specializing in: Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Unsocialized and Untrained Dogs… all within YOUR home. Perfect for busy families who can’t make it to a regularly scheduled class or pooches who might be anxious in social situations and need some initial training before going into a class with other dogs.  

I believe in a balanced style of training dogs.  Depending on the dog and his temperament, 95% of the training I use is positive, HOWEVER, there are times when a dog must be corrected.  Simply waiting for a dog to serendipitously perform a command and then clicking it to mark it does not work when you are teaching life skills.  Crossing a busy road and getting hit by a car is a consequence that is real, and those types of situations must be trained for…for the safety of the dog.  He must understand that there are behaviors that are a hard no.  Having said all of that, a tempting microwaved all beef hot dog bit is my preferred treat that helps us reach nearly all of our goals.

Training Style

What You Get

My Basic Obedience goes WAY beyond the usual sit, stay, come and down training; focusing on the manners that make your dog a welcomed member of the household.  Pooch Pointers In-Home Training Basic Obedience is typically a four-lesson package with each lesson lasting an hour and a half, often a bit longer.  We will start with a consultation which last about a half hour to 45 minutes. The cost of this consultation is $150. This gives the family a chance to see if they are comfortable with me and my training style and it gives me a chance to see if I can help. If we decide to part ways, no hurt feelings and I’m on my way.  A great deal of guidance and tips can be given in during that consultation and if the issues aren’t severe or if previous training is already established, then a consultation might be all that is needed!

If you decide to continue with training, the cost for a basic obedience package, consisting of 4 – one and half hour in-home private lessons, is $450. The $150 consultation fee will be included in the $450. We will start training that day!

Additional dogs within the same household are an additional $150 for the 4 lessons. In-home Advanced Obedience and Beyond is $100 per lesson for one dog ($125 for 2 dogs). Typically, these lessons last an hour and a half (about 2 hours for 2 dogs). Goals of these lessons will be discussed prior to scheduling. My goal is for you to be excited about communicating with your pooch.

Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues such as biting, bullying, aggression and over possessiveness begin with the same $150 consulting fee however additional lessons are usually required beyond the initial four. 

Our initial session will most likely be focused around building trust with your pooch.  If I can’t touch him, then I can’t train him.  We might need to start with a muzzle to begin the process.  Each dog, each situation is different and will need to be determined individually.

Areas Served

Servicing Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Richland, Paw Paw, MI and surrounding areas. A mileage fee of .75/mile is additional for homes beyond a 60-mile roundtrip from Kalamazoo.  Use Wedel’s Nursery in Kalamazoo if you want to determine the distance I would be traveling.