Who We Are

Photo of Becky & Steuben

Pooch Pointers was started by me, Becky Chadwell, in early 2019

I found many people were asking about dog training but didn’t seem to have the time in their schedules for a class. What’s missing is a dog trainer who goes to YOUR home. Going into your home allows for working with your dog’s individual issues unique to your personal environment and/or neighborhood. While I will be training your dog, the biggest part of our success will be me training YOU how to train your dog.  I will share the nuances and theories behind why we do things certain ways.  Understanding these subtleties will help you with your practice in between my visits.

I have had well trained dogs most of my adult life and since early 2015, I have been heavily involved in training dogs.  Currently I am also one of two Kalamazoo area testers for the non-profit Alliance of Therapy Dogs where I help potential therapy teams achieve their goals for community therapy work.  Our 5-year-old German Shepherd, Steuben, is a certified therapy dog who enjoys going to various assisted living homes and spreading a little joy to our seniors who love the distraction of a friendly face and a wagging tail.

What We Do

Pooch Pointers works with all breeds of dogs and all ages…yes, old dogs CAN learn!!  I spend a great deal of time listening to have a solid understanding of the issues you are facing.  I find that many of the common manner issues families face: chewing, biting, jumping, barking, counter surfing, running in the opposite direction are problems that can be overcome with the right direction.   

But it’s the beyond those headaches where I think clients truly are amazed by how much their dogs are willing, able and EAGER to do for them.  It is my true belief that once your dog and you establish consistent communication together, your training successes can far exceed expectations!!  That’s where my true passion lies…in getting you to the point with your dog where you shift your thinking to what unleashed potential is in front of you and your pooch!